Our Vision

“The starting point of our competences is Finance: financial analysis, business plan, business valuation, EVA. These competencies first evolved into operational management control: analytical accounting, operational dashboards.” 

Laurent Ravignon, the founding Manager of AlphaCen.

They now have as their core business the strategy and its conduct. This core business comprises 3 dimensions:

  • Adapting modern management tools to the company’s situation. The aim is to build dashboard models, models of profitability analysis adapted to the various problems of the company,
  • Support in integrating these tools into the company’s information system. It may be necessary to select new decision-making software and then integrate it into the SI. Alpha CEN’s trusted partners are involved in this process
  • The conduct of change among men, either through training in the company’s economy, by explaining and appropriating the company’s objectives, or by disseminating the new strategic information developed. This direction of change leads to the collaboration of the project bodies with which we collaborate, with human resources in order to introduce the greatest possible confidence in the ability of men to lead these changes.

Alphacen Presentation

ALPHA CEN is a firm specializing in the use of modern piloting techniques, such as Activity-Based Costing(analytical accounting) and dashboards (Balanced Scorecard, OVAR).

The missions carried out by Alpha CEN are located at the design stage of the models, because the relevance of this phase conditions the return on investment:

  • Improve the organization by optimizing its costs;
  • Mastering the width of the product range (complexity and volume);
  • Link costs, margins and tariffs.